The Development of fellowship

Its origin and development globally and locally

Narcotics Anonymous began in Los Angeles in 1953 and is one of the oldest and largest fellowships of its kind in the world. After the first meeting, the fellowship began to grow slowly, extending to other major cities in North America and Australia from the early 1970's since the publication of the textbook for Narcotics Anonymous in 1983. The number of members and meetings grew exponentially. Today NA members hold over 44,000 weekly meetings in 127 countries. 
The first meeting was held in Kuwait in 1994, and it started with one member at one meeting per week. Now there are 13 meetings a week and six groups, four of them are Arabic speaking, one in English and one in Persian.

The service structure of the Fellowship

 In many countries, such as Kuwait, NA groups have had the opportunity to develop and achieve stability. Groups are electing delegates to form regional service committees. These committees become responsible for the service of their groups and the most important tasks are:

-Provision and distribution of fellowship literature.

-Supervising the helpline.

-Presenting media and informational presentations and carrying the message to addiction treatment centers, civil society organizations, government agencies, police, prisons, other correctional and residential institutions, colleges and schools.

-Provision of headquarters and other local group requirements for meetings.

-Area committees are run exclusively by volunteer fellows who serve on a rotating basis.

  In 1978, a global committee called the World Service Conference was established to provide guidance and directing to local service committees and to translate fellowship literature with the help of the Global Narcotics Anonymous Office in Los Angeles.

Contact information for Kuwait, Gulf, World Service, and other regional and international service committees in NA communities is available in (contact information) and (Global Office Contact)

Attitudes on related topics and entities

To maintain a focus on the primary objective of NA, she has made a tradition of not endorsing or taking any attitude towards anything outside of her own activity. Narcotics Anonymous has no opinion of external issues and its sole purpose is to help addicts stop using drugs by Provide a program for them to share their experiences and their recovery with other addicts.